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What glue to stick leather to wood?

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  • What glue to stick leather to wood?

    I have an idea..... but it involves sticking leather to either varnished wood or plain wood.
    The leather is really thin and soft, almost like fabric.
    Super-glue and me don't really go together or rather we go together far too well, especially my fingers, the super-glue and anything I'm trying to stick.

    Any ideas ?


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    how strong does it have to be?
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      I want to make some wooden pendants with leather on. So it has to be fairly strong I suppose.



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        E6000 will stick anything to anything but you'd have to make sure you only put a very thin coating of glue on the leather and make sure you get it right to the edges.

        Have you tried using a spray glue cos I'd think that would be better for getting a thin even coating.

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          I use mitre mate for jobs like that, I noticed in B&Q there is something similar I think it is by evostik it's a 2 part adhesive a liquid glue which goes on one half and a spray activater which goes on the other put the 2 together and it works in seconds just enough time to get the edges right


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            One of the best glues I've used is Evo Stick Wood Glue - it doesn't just stick wood to wood, I've used it to stick all sorts to wood.

            Use a small flat brush (artists brush or eyeshadow brush) to apply to small items, & for large items put a small blob on the wood & spread with an old card such as an outdated loyalty or credit card or a spare piece of wood.

            Practise on spare wood/leather first to see if it works for you

            Another good glue is carpet laying adhesive - usually comes in spray cans but you can get it in liquid form. Be careful though, this is usually instant contact - once the 2 pieces have touched they'll never come apart!!

            For some glues you may find that you need to prime the area of wood that you want to put glue on to stop any kind of glue sinking in.

            Let us know which one works best for you



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              If its not going to get wet then PVA aka wood glue is what I would use.

              Cheers Bill


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                I sell a glue that will do it
                on the label it says 'adheres to plastics,metals,ceramics,vinyls,glass,painted&varn ished surfaces,wood,fabrics,leather,paper,& more.