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    Hi everyone,

    I really would like to make a Calendar for my nanan for Christmas. She lost her husband (my grandad), 2 weeks ago and before my grandad passed away, she asked him to make her a Calendar that she could put in the Kitchen.

    I haven't made a Calendar before so don't really know where to start, what to do etc. I really want to do this for my nanan as I think it would bring a smile to her face.

    I was just wondering if anyone as made a calendar before and whether you had any tips as to how to make it, what sort of card to use so that it is sturdy etc. Also, does anyone know what sort of craft shops sell the little mini calendar sheets that you peel off as each month goes by?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Sorry to hear about your Grandad, a calender for your Grandmother would be lovely.

    Hobbycraft have the small tear off month calenders as do most stationers, not sure where you are based to find these.

    The other way would be to print off on a computer and mount onto some firm card, such as mount board, then add a pretty picture at the top, with a paper hanger, so your Gran can hang up where she can see your handy work.

    Hope this helps, have a look at this site Calenders to Make as may give you some inspiration.
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      Thank you so much Carolee for the lovely ideas - they really helped! I live in Barnsley (South Yorkshire) and we have an Hobby Craft not too far away from us so i'll go and have a look if we can see any of the peel-off calendars there.

      I'll take a picture of the calendar also once it's finished to show you all.

      Thanks again!


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        I was in "Instore" (funny that, it always used to be called Poundstretcher) yesterday and they had packs of five (I think) of the small calendars for something like £1.49 I think - didn't take much notice of the price because I was looking for other stuff.

        Anyway, I hope you get sorted, and I'm sure your Grandmother will be delighted with your thoughtfulness.



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          Wilkinsons sell hem.
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            Thanks guys for your help - I really appreciate it! We have a Wilkinsons and Instore (Poundland) near us so I will go and check them out.

            Just need to decide what images and background sheets to use now - I was thinking about making my nanan a calendar with all of her grandchildren on it as I think she would like that. I also had the idea of putting small images of all of the 4 seasons onto a big calendar (I saw that in a magazine that I have) or if not, I was going to try and find a nice picture of me to put on. I have so many ideas at the moment that I would really like to try and do - I think I might just "experement" and see which design I like the best for her.

            Thanks again for your help - you guys are great and I will be sure to keep you all updated!