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    Morning all,

    I'm looking for some advice please as I'm a bit confused here and hoping that someone might be able to help.

    I've been looking at the Cricut expression machine now for some time but the cost of the cartridges, etc is putting me off, however I've just heard about the Craft Robo and am now wondering if this would be a better investment.

    With the Craft Robo do I need to buy cartridges for it? If not, how does it work? Can I design my own images for it to cut out?

    My laptop is currently running on Windows Vista which I know a lot of software isn't compatible with - with the Craft Robo work with this?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated and also advice on the best/cheapest place that these machines are available.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Hi Fluffy Squirrel

    I only just saw this thread, I hope you havnt given up getting any replies to your question!

    I have got a craft robo, and I think it is absolutely wonderful! My sister is getting married next year and we have used it to cut all the favour boxes in exactly the style and colour/type of card that she wants, as well as cutting embellishments for the invitations and using the pen holder in the robo to do lovely writing!

    I personally think it is better than the cricut because you dont have to buy cartridges and you are not limited to only being able to cut the shapes/fonts that someone else has designed! Although I have a feeling that you may be able to get design software to use with the cricut now, but Im not sure?

    The software with the robo works on vista, so that would be ok. It can be a little tricky to begin with but with a bit of patience you soon get results!

    I joined the forum which is run by graphtec, the people who make the robo, and so has a forum dedicated to just the robo! There are loads of people there who have robos and can help you if you get stuck! There is also a section with tutorials for various software you can use with the robo (I would definitely recommend you download inkscape, which is free!), and a HUGE templates section which you can apply for access to once you have been a member of the forum for 1 month. The templates that people have shared on there are amazing! And really helpful especially when you are first getting to grips with the robo but really want to use it!

    I think the robo is usually about the same price wherever you get it from, although I got mine second-hand from the marketplace on the UKS forum, and it was a really good deal as it had literally only been used once! So it is worth keeping an eye out to see if someone else is selling one!

    I hope this helps

    Claire x


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      Hi Claire, thanks for your reply - lots of helpful advice there!!

      I'm definitely being swayed towards the Craft Robo and even if I don't get it for Christmas think it will be something that I'll be looking to invest in

      Thanks a lot - I'll definitely sign up for the UK Scrappers forum!!

      LJ xxx


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        I just saw this too soz, I've had my Elmo for about 3 years and I wouldn't part with it I love it!!!!

        You do have to spend a bit of time getting used to how it all works but once you have you can create some amazing files, but even if you find your not great with creating your own files there is planty to be found on the internet.
        If you pop onto my blog you'll find a few cards & things I've made plus a link to Chris Durnham who I'm on the design team for, she creates amazing files,

        hope this helps
        Ger xx

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          Hi fluffy squirrell

          Im glad I could help! I would definitely sign up for uk scrappers as soon as possible, that way when you do eventually get your robo (exciting!) you wont have to wait to access the templates! That was a very long month for me lol!

          I have got my little robo going at the moment, cutting out flowers for my sister's favour boxes! It is so satisfying to be able to have things exactly as you see them in your head!


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            Thank you so much for your help and advice, I'm definitely having a Robo - it's been decided!! lol


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              craft robo

              good evening all

              my hubby has just bought me a craft robo this weekend now the only trouble is does anyone know where i can get some cd roms with templates on please.
              Hope some one can help me .

              many thanks


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                Go to the craftrobo website I here ther is free stuff there.
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                  I've been thinking about buying one of these for a while as well but wondered if anyone can tell me is it just paper it cuts or can it cut card?

                  And also if I have a template already on my pc that I would like to use, can I cut this out using the Craft Robo?



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                    And another question...

                    I've been sat here looking at the Craft Robo's with hubby and some of the files available. I've noticed that everything is referring to GSD files - what are GSD files? Is this the only file format that I can use with the Craft Robo?

                    Sorry for all the questions but I'm feeling a little silly here cos I don't understand these terms - please help me feel less stupid lol!!


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                      Hi all you closet-robo-ers!

                      I will try and answer your questions but I havnt had my robo for a huge amount of time so apologies if I get it a bit wrong!

                      GSD files are files which you can open up in Robo Master, which is the free software that comes with the robo. These files are ready to cut, you just re-size if needed, output to robo and you are away!

                      There are lots of places to get GSD files - you can design them yourself, the lovely people on ukscrappers share their files on the forum, and I have also seen people selling CDs or just single templates on ebay and their own websites. The crafty club, which is the graphtec (who make robo)'s website has some free templates but they are not amazing, although good for a start!

                      BUT you can also use ANY graphics files with the robo, eg if you wanted a daffodil to cut you could just google it, then save the picture to your computer. Then in the robo master programme you choose get outline and it will convert the picture to an image you can cut. You can then modify the points etc.

                      The other type of file you can open with robo master is a DXF file - you choose import dxf from the file menu. DXF files are usually images that you have designed in another graphics programme (robo master isnt the greatest for serious designing!), you just need to make sure you save them as filename.dxf so that you can open and cut them in robo master.

                      I would really recommend inkscape (a FREE graphics programme) for designing in, it is quite easy to use and user friendly.

                      If you have a robo and havnt found ukscrappers yet, you need to take a look! They have got some great tutorials for all the main programmes, lots of templates and lots of other people with robos who can help you out if you get stuck!

                      Fluffy Squirrel, congraulations on deciding to get a robo, you will love it!

                      Hope I have helped some of you even a tiny bit!

                      C x


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                        Hi Claire,

                        Thank you so much for your help... lots of very helpful information there!! I've already signed up to the UKScrappers forum, though I believe that I need to wait for 30 days before I can view/download the templates.

                        I'm not sure when I'm getting my Robo... I was hoping for Christmas but I'm getting some other bits for Christmas so I'm not sure but my birthday is 29th December so we'll have to wait and see

                        Thank you everyone for your help - I'm sure there will be lots more questions when i do eventually get mine!!

                        Laura xx


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                          Hi all,

                          As Christmas has now come and gone and I've not been lucky enough to get a Craft Robo from Santa then I'm now looking to buy one myself using the money that I've had for my Christmas and birthday, however can't afford the price of a brand new machine.

                          After many emails, I thought that I had secured the purchase of a Craft Robo which was being sold as the current owner wants a different machine, however when I tried to arrange payment this evening I was advised that the machine has been sold elsewhere - gutted!!

                          Anyway, I'm now looking to buy a pre-owned Craft Robo and wondered if anyone can help?

                          Als, would anyone be able to explain the difference between the Craft Robo CC100-20 and the Craft Robo CC200-20? please?

                          Thanks a lot, Laura x


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                            "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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                              Thank you, very helpful