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    I've seen some gorgeous handspun yarn on Etsy with loads of different twisted and non-twisted bits, and yummy colours....and the Q is, does anyone know of a tutorial that shows how to make this type of yarn from the very beginning - from what materials you start off with - do you dye the yarn yourself?

    Thanks in advance

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    Depends how near the beginning of the process you want to start

    You can buy a sheep's fleece and wash it, card it, dye it and spin it.

    Or you could get ready washed/carded fibre - often called roving or tops. You can get it already dyed or you can dye it yourself. Then it needs spun.


    • #3 it's probably best to buy pre-dyed roving.
      So has anyone got a tutorial for how to hand spin yarns from roving? Are there many different spinning variations to produce different results?

      Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.


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        Well you can use a drop spindle or a spinning wheel.

        This place has tutorials and lots of info.

        Winghams has loads of tools and dyed & undyed fibre (they also sell the dyes). They do drop spindles and wheels.


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          Should have added that if you join ******* there's loads of groups about spinning on there with tons of info.

          I'm a beginner when it comes to spinning (just sold my wheel as I haven't really chance to use it with dd running around so sticking to a drop spindle for now).

          I know about the fibre because I felt. I did get a great little book from Winghams though all about spinning - The Essentials of Handspinning by Mabel Ross (£4.90) and would recommend that.
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            Not sure where you are based but the Threshing Barn in Leek Staffordshire does courses in spinning, dying and alsorts of things to do with wool(i think they grow their own LOL). They do have a website to.


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              There is also another way of spinning using a pencil or straight stick, it is bit tricky to explain without pictures but I will have a go if you are interested as it saves actually buying any expensive equipment.

              I don't know where you are located but if you are anywhere near The Threshing Barn in Staffordshire ( can't post link but a search will find it pretty easily) it is well worth a visit.

              Let me know if I can help in any way, I have nearly six years experience spinning so if there is anything you want to know I will try my bet to help.

              Good luck

              Edited to say: whoops, Two Hoots and I must have posted at the same time.


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                Thanks guys!
                So I basically need a drop spindle and some roving?
                This is a random extra Q, but does anyone know how to make felt yarn?
                Thanks again :-)
                PS. I live nr Blackpool

                Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.


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                  felt yarn? do you mean yarn you can knit with then felt (technically called fulling)? If so then any fibre that will felt can be used - merino and bfl are some of the better ones (you want ones that haven't been treated though - for example superwash merino has been treated so that it shouldn't felt iyswim).

                  Not sure how true it is but generally they seem to be the trickier ones to spin - I was advised to start spinning with coarser fibre as it's easier to draft it than the softer merino types.