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  • crotcheting wire advice

    Hi I would like to start crotching wire to make jewellery items. Should I use 26 or 28 gauge? I would like it be reasonably sturdy but also easy enough to work with. Also is Sterling Silver much more difficult to work with? Ps i have never crotched before!!

    Karla Schafer does a good example of the pieces i would like to produce on her 'Crotchet necklace' exaple on you tube. (Auntie's beads)

    Thanks for your help Tanja

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    I have made a few pieces of jewellery with knitted wire. One is quite chunky, I used 28 guage for that. A couple of others I used 2 strands of 32 guage held together which I found easier to work with and I liked how it looked with 2 colours. Just give it a try and see how comfortable you are! I have the book wore knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath which is really nice, def worth a trip to the library
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      I would probably start with 32g or .2mm. have some great special offer packs with 5 different colours which would be good to practice with. Sterling silver will probably work out very similar but I would wait until you are used to the technique as you could end up with an expensive tangle.



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        Copper wire is also a cheap alternative to use until you have mastered your technique and people do actually ask for copper jewellery - its very popular in the US.

        You can buy reels of copper wire from Maplins in lots of different guages and prices start from under £6. They have stores all over the UK and a website.

        Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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