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  • Newbie seeking advice please

    Hello all, my first post here and I'm a newbie to the craft I want to make so I'm hoping for a bit of friendly advice

    I've recently moved to Spain where my husband is starting his own framing business. To contribute to the business and have a little thing of my own, I'd like to start making baby imprints and castings (hands,feet etc) which hubby can then frame. I've spent ages on google today trying to find he best type of clay/material to use to make the imprints but am coming up with nothing, just websites offering the service, not the materials to buy wholesale so I can do this myself.

    Does anybody know the best type of material to use - it needs to be something that dries white, isn't messy, won't transfer to the skin and is chemical free so no allergies occur.

    Sorry if this seems a stupid question, I'm not new to the crafty side of things totally, I ran my own bespoke wedding stationery business until I had a baby, but I've never worked with clay before so I'm not sure where to start.

    Thanks, hope to hear from someone soon!

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    I'm not able to help but I'm sure there are some people on here who have done similar things so will know the answer.

    I've just done a bit of googling and seen that one site mentions dental alginate... is that what you might be looking for? Either that or some other sort of air-drying clay.

    Type "baby casting kit" on Google and you get a million+ sites which should give you more info.

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      Thanks for your reply, I've already looked at a few of the squillions of sites that do the imprints, but can only find places that sell the kits rather than the clay on it's own. I've tried looking to see if any of the companies reveal what material they use but they usually just state that it's "perfectly safe to use" or a "special formula" - I suppose they don't want people to go out and buy the stuff themselves as then there won't be a need for their service??

      I'm off to google dental alginate now, thanks for the pointer!


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        Hello & to the forum, I hope you find what your looking for soon, it sounds a lovely thing to do.


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          hi and welcome. It may seem a bit obvious and you may have already tried this but have you thought about asking in local art shops or calling a few and see if they can point you in the right direction. If not,i know its different material but how about trying some 'potter people' to see if they know where might be able to help you. Hope this is some kind of help!
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            Have you tried Sculpey it is clean and comes in various colours, I know someone who has used this for hand and footprints before.

            to the forum


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              When did it years ago- kids are now 30/40 - I used plaster of paris from the Chemists, no help in todays climate just thought it might be an interesting snippet.
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                Originally posted by Critchley View Post

                When did it years ago- kids are now 30/40 - I used plaster of paris from the Chemists, no help in todays climate just thought it might be an interesting snippet.

                Was going to say the same, plaster of paris, but was told the dental trade added something to make it more flexable.
                Cant help more than that sos


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                  Alginate is yousd for life casting you let it set then use it as a mold for the plaster.
                  What I think your trying to do is just make an imprint Which is made in one go.

                  Try contacting Fred Aldous they are a large Craft supplier in Manchester that have been in the business for many years. They have always been very helpful with enquirers.
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                    thanks for your replies, very helpful
                    I've been looking into the alginate and I might get some to make 3d castings too, luckily I've got a toddler of my own to practice on!! (poor boy will have all his limbs immersed in the stuff within a few weeks!) I've also come across inkless wipes to make mess-free prints on paper which I could possibly make bespoke birth announcement cards etc with. I'll try plaster of paris for the imprints, and see what else I can find, it may be a case of experimenting.
                    Thanks again for your help!!


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                      Hello and to the forum. I hope you soon get sorted with your casting supplies.

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                        I bought something a few years ago called CREAFORM - it's for casting rather than 'moulding' or imprinting (sorry don't know all the technical terms) but it is made from vegetable matter or something so is completely natural and PH-neutral and not known to cause any ill effects to the skin.

                        I have a feeling it is what is included in those casting kits that you can buy. I think I bought mine from a german craft site - I can find the address if you need it.


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                          I wish you all the best with your new venture and to the forum. Just be careful if you try the plaster of paris, I think that schools don't use it any more because of the risk of burns from it going directly onto the skin (I think its plaster of paris that is the problem, I could be wrong, but I'm not sure it may be something else!).