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  • Flickr - advice needed

    Please can someone clarify this for me (I am hard of thinking).

    I see many posts have Flickr pics to showcase new work (and I love looking at them btw) so I opened a Flickr account but in the community guidelines it says this

    ‘Don’t use Flickr for commercial purposes.
    Flickr is for personal use only. If we find you selling products, services, or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account.’

    So how splitting hairs is it? I mean if I loaded pics to crafts forum I would be looking for comments/ advice/ critique but if I loaded them to twitter this is hopefully for peeps to see and potentially drive traffic to my website (as per the etsy article I read that said this worked for them). I beliee everything I read

    Is that considered commercial? Or it is assumed that the pic is for looking at and as there is no direct link it is ok?

    Thanks in advance
    Terry xxx
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    I don't use it personally but I reckon it just means that you can't put prices on your items with a view to selling them directly from the website.

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      you are allowed to add a description to your photos. This should not include "this item is for sale" or "this item costs x amount"
      you can have a link in your profile to your shop, but should not write "if you want to purchase something you have seen in my flickr photos you can do so here"
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        Oooh, I never noticed that... I have things like that in my descriptions, too! Oops!

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          Thank you beadsbydesign that makes it more feasible to work with and I feel more comfortable about it now, really didn't fancy being told off!
          Terry xxx
          You can't have everything. Where would you put it all?" - Steven Wright
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            Yep just make sure that you don't advertise in the actual descriptions of your photo's - things like 'available on Etsy' 'for sale' etc. You can as Karen said have a link to your shop(s), blog, twitter etc in your profile as long as it doesn't go into your descriptions. Most people with Flickr accounts know that if they like what they see then they can check out your profile and get the info they need from there.
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