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Help!!! Decorating pebbles

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  • Help!!! Decorating pebbles

    Hi, I have no experience with crafts but I am very interested in decorating pebbles. I saw on a community open day a pebble that was decorated with various different things; magazine cuttings (tiny), painted pictures, lifted lines. It all looked like it was varnished afterwards. I'm struggling to work out what adhesive I would need to secure the pieces I choose and what kind of varnish I would need? Help would be very much appreciated to get me going. Thanks

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    emories come flooding back!!
    I can remember decorating a pebble when i was about 5.
    Going on my age I can only imagine they used a cheap safe glue, maybe something like PVA.
    And yep, I remember it was varnished afterwards.
    It suppose it depends on what finish you want, matt or gloss.
    Id take yourself off to a DIY place and have a read of the varnishes.You can get a great range of varnish now that has gold flakes in it and other features.(i think range is called Feng Shui).
    Or maybe an independant DIY shop would be better as the assistants know more and will be able to help you decide what to get.

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      Thanks for that advise, that will keep me nice and busy!


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        I remember seeing soemthing like this in one of the magasines and the designer used transfers on her stones. Think it might of been crafts beuatiful if thats any help as i dont normally get the others. dont know what varnish she use3d though, sorry


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          Hi Becky !

          I'm sure pva would be the ideal adhesive for gluing paper items to pebbles. Also if you use pva adhesive to cover the finished project it will act as a varnish too. I've sucessfully used transfers to pebbles .

          Happy crafting !