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  • help with mosaic?

    i am going to be doing a project with some primary children Yr 5 soon. The work is to be for outside and I really fancy having a go at mosaic with them. I have done a little myself at home. I think this may be unrealistic but i would like to make a sculpture and then let them mosaic their designs on top. Do you think using exterior grout on top of modroc would work? or would it fall apart at the first knock? I would really like to have it fibreglassed but apparently that would cost me £250and I don't know how to do that myself. I am at the point of ditching this and doing a 2D piece to be safe but wondered if there is a way to make it work. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hello, I'm not an expert but I do mosaic as a hobby - so far most of my outdoor pieces have been done simply on marine ply (coated with pva glue to 'seal') then I've used waterproof grout. I've considered a 3d sculpture but not actually done one ..yet! One suggestion would be to use a gradual build up of layers of cement based adhesive over a wire mesh frame before tiling/grouting and it should be fairly tough/heavy once dry but depends where the finished piece will sit. It might be good to test out a small one yourself first....

    Hope that helps


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      Try asking Patricia she creates outdoor mosaics Tell her The silver zebra passed on her details [email protected]

      Contemporary glass fusion designs - sculptures - wall panels - functional items - outdoor sculptures. We also run Silver & Glass workshops here in Cheshire - kiln space also offered.


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        With any large mosaic installation, particularly outside you might be best off doing the 2d version. I find that with mosaic the 'art' side of it is easy enough it's the actual mechanics that will decide whether it works or not.
        Things such as usingthe correct adhesives, ensuring it's watertight etc. You can spend a lot of time and effort into a piece of work and then find it dosen't last outside as long as you'd hoped for.
        It's a great suggestion that's been made, do a small one first

        All the best with it

        Lawrence Payne
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          If I understand you correctly...


          If I understand you, you are considering doing a mosaic on a 3D sculpture, sounds interesting.

          Though I have no experience of mosaics in 3D form I have done several mosaic projects of my own in 2D.

          I just wanted to say that you could do a great project in 2D aimed at kids.

          For DIY gilding and antique finishes to gold leaf.
          For the esoteric & unusual in bookbinding