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Does anybody live near / going to Bicester outlet village?

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  • Does anybody live near / going to Bicester outlet village?

    I've just used the last of my Cath Kidston cowboy fabric and I refuse point blank to pay £18 a metre for it ... or £5.00 for a FQ.

    They sell it in the CK outlet shop in Bicester for £8.00 a metre....

    Is anybody near there?

    If so, can somebody purchase some for me and post it out to me?
    I will pay all costs, but I need to be able to pay you with Paypal, because I am having a nightmare with my bank - some horrible person (that's the nice version!) has used my debit card fraudulently so my account is in poor shape!
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    I used to live practically next door to Bicester village - pre Cath Kidson.
    I am hoping to go in the next 2 weeks or so, so if i go I'll give you a shout.

    My friend wants to go so I said I'd take her so it all rests on her really. I'm just over an hour away so I can't just nip round for you I'm afraid but if we do go I can get the fabric for you


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      Sorry I did go on Sat but drove round and round the car park but couldn't park anywhere as it was soooo busy! If we do try and go again then I'll let you know.

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        If you havent got any by next friday the 24th October let me know as I drop my daughter of at her Dads in bicester and would be happy to get some for you
        Ren x
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