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  • Christmas 2008

    Good morning all,

    I hope we are all well today, even although the weather is pretty miserable!!

    I'm hoping for some ideas, help, inspiration with regards to Christmas presents if anyone can help please.

    Basically, I need some ideas for Christmas which aren't going to cost me the earth as hubby is currently out of work due to an ongoing injury and has no income and we're relying solely on the income I have from the website which as you can imagine makes buying luxuries almost impossible.

    Anyways, we've decided that this year we would like to give unique Christmas presents, something handmade, but we're a bit stuck for affordable ideas. Can anyone help?

    The main people that we need to find suitable gifts for are:

    Laura's dad - very interested in anything to do with cars, buses, trains. He is an ex-mechanic and ex PSV/PCV driver now working in a local library. He is a smoker, both cigarettes and pipe, but rarely drinks.

    Gordon's dad - hobbies include fishing (carp, etc) and Stoke Potters speedway. Has a German Shepherd dog which they have had since a puppy - I think the dog is about ten years old. He smokes cigars but again, rarely drinks.

    Both dad's are widowed and live on their own.

    Laura's gran - used to enjoy cross-stitch and tapestry, along with crochet and knitting but can't do any of them now due to deteriorating eye sight. Grew up in Glasgow area. Widowed. Lives in a small bungalow on her own. Doesn't really have a main interest or any 'collectable' interest.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and all suggestions considered.

    Thanks a lot.

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    URGH!! I have the same problem every year - especially the mother in law! Can you knit? I knitted socks for my mum's birthday and she loved them (or so she said!) Sock yarn can cost up to £6.50ish but they're so comfy and warm and completely different to everyday socks. Also, classic dodgy xmas pressie with a twist! Or chocolates!

    Good luck! Debbie


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      Thanks Debbie, sadly I can't knit so that kind of messes up that idea lol... although we are willing to buy handmade crafts, it's just that we're fed up with shop bought gifts and want something unique and different.


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        Debbie do you cross stitch? If you do you could always check superstitcher, I have just finished a Winnie the Pooh project (shown on my blog from a few weeks ago) and framed it for a cousin and am well onto finishing a cockerel for my sister. There are cars trains etc to do and you can always pink up cheap frames from Hobbycraft. They are not that expensive I think I paid £5.00 for Winnie and about £3.50 for the frame if you bought thses ready done they would be a lot more. Homemade also shows you care.
        I notice you make candles could you not do some smokers ones in old tobacco tins? Rolll-ups uk have some fancy ones.
        It is difficult for men in particular, knowing Dad's they will love whatever you make and be really chuffed that you gave your time and bothered, rather than go to a shop.


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          The money saving expert forum has a thread for Christmas ideas on the cheap with some great craft ideas on it too. It's a long thread but well worth perusing!




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            I've never tried cross-stitch but it is something that I could look into. A friend has suggested making up gift hampers with individual portions of luxury foods, together with personal and unique had made gifts so we're considering that. Unfortunately neither of the dad's are into candles so I don't think they would go down well but thanks for the suggestion


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              Originally posted by ladyrat View Post
              The money saving expert forum has a thread for Christmas ideas on the cheap with some great craft ideas on it too. It's a long thread but well worth perusing!

              Oooh, thank you... I'll go and look now


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                How about a hand made photo collage for Laura's gran? You could make that yourself and there are loads of ways you could do it. Or maybe make her a piece of jewellery.

                Can you get a miniature model kit thing for Laura's Dad - not sure how much it would cost but you could try to get one that is a car/train that means something to him.

                Gordon's dad - if he's into fishing he might appreciate some of those neoprene gloves with the thumb and forefinger missing. I bought DD's partner a pair last year and he was very pleased with them. They cost about £10.

                PS - You really should try to get the dog to give up smoking - its soooooo bad for his health!
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                Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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                  This is what I did last year and it was shoe string kinda stuff.

                  - bought a roll of cellophane wrap, clear with gold print – like the florists use
                  - v thick ribbon – usually used for decorating xmas tree
                  - some silk flowers – pointsettia
                  - some dried raffia like baubles – usually used for potpourri in xmassy colours
                  - plates/vases/bowls from Morrisons and the like – you know the ones with tacky ready made candles and stone sets?
                  - giant tin of Quality Street and some mini Toblerone bars

                  Then I ditched the tacky candles/stones etc and used the plate/bowl or vase and filled with choccies, baubles etc. Although the actual gift was quite simple, it was lavishly wrapped – hamper style - in cello, flowers and ribbon they were very well received and much talked about.

                  Choccies probably works much better for the ladies (me, me) but perhaps a similar approach of extravagantly wrapped aromatic pipe tobacco for your gents?
                  Wish I had taken pics now as it would have been much easier to see what I am tryng to say?
                  Terry xxx
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                    Originally posted by auntynet View Post
                    PS - You really should try to get the dog to give up smoking - its soooooo bad for his health!
                    Lol, that really made me giggle... so much so hubby came throught to see whst I was laughing at!!!

                    Lots of excellent ideas there everyone, thank you... I've got a notepad that I'm writing all the ideas down in and who knows where it may lead. I've sent off a few emails today too about prices for little ideas too so fingers crossed Christmas will be sorted in the near future


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                      Terry I'm loving that idea too... and the gift can be made as big or small as needed for various people we inevitably forget about until the last minute - definitely on the 'considering' list Thank you.


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                        Do you cook? What about some home made jams and chutneys in a hamper? That's what my folks get! Currently working on a batch of apple, clove and ginger jelly!
                        Cathy xx
                        I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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                          Or how about some home-made booze? Decant it into pretty bottles - you can usually get 2 bottles out of one batch. You can get bottles from poundland. They're usually full of olives and peppers and stuff like that but you can just empty them and give them a quick wash and steralise and you have a cheap alternative to the fancy bottles that are sold specifically for the purpose which can cost a fortune.


                          If you don't fancy Bailey's, then you can get lots of boozy recipes off the internet.

                          Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

                          ~ * ~ * ~ Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most! ~ * ~ * ~


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                            I've never tried making my own jams or chutneys, but it's something that I think I may have to look into and well, as for the Baileys recipe, I'll DEFINITELY be giving that one a go as I love Baileys lol.


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                              If you have a microwave then this is a very very easy way to make jam


                              and here's a link to some other foodies ideas that are ideal for Christmas pressies - I'll be making a few myself!

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