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Help I feel like a total beginner

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  • Help I feel like a total beginner

    I have my spangly new Janome sewing machine and I seem unable to sew the hem on a pair of my daughters Jeans.

    I have been using the machine for patchwork for the past 2 months and found it fantastic, but I really need to learn more about the machine, but perhaps even more basic - what needles do what job and bobbin tensions etc. It is set on auto tension at the moment and it was very slack, almost curvy on the bottom thread. I went through the whole scale of manual tension and did not get a good result. I am so sorry to ask- but is there a book, a website or anything to point me in the right direction for the very basics of sewing machine mastery.

    I can service my machine, I have sewn silk and thick fabrics, but it would appear that I am blissfully unaware of the fundamentals of machine ability

    Maybe I should have bought the expensive Bernina and taken the day course, LOL

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I've had a similar problem recently!
    Often it is not the tension, but the needle guage that is wrong. Try a no. 16 needle for sewing through layers of denim. If my lightweight Brother can do it, your Janome definitely can
    Cathy xx
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      Hi. I have an all singing all dancing Janone which my DH bought me a few years back when every other programme on tv was a makeover show. It took me five days to sew a pelmet for my kitchen window and the m/c has been gathering dust ever since so I could do with advice too!!


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        Join the Janome forum they have lots of questions answered.


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          I had a similar problem with my necchi 681. My knackered old machine would go through anything with a normal needle, (75) but the necchi is REALLY fussy! Even if I'm one size out, the bottom stitching looks like a tangle! If you have a jeans needle, that should do your hems, or try a 16/100. I have a big collection of different needles now!! Hope this helps!



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            Thanks ladies, I endeavour to try again tonight with my other needles. I did think of doing a scallop edge if all else fails and trimming it up, but I would prefer to do the turn ups.

            Will also check out the Janome forum.

            My machine is a Memory Craft 4900 QC for the curious