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  • Sewing dilemas website?

    Does anyone know of a sewing dilema's website please? I'm self taught and only found out a couple of months ago that to stop getting double threads out of the machine when you pull your item out that the needle has to be fully up!!
    So is there anywhere I can go that gives answers to common sewing dilemas.

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    I would be very interested also, so if anyone can help!!!I always end up getting in a tangle half way through too!x
    Dee x
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      sewing problems...

      Perhaps we should start one.....I've never found a good one online. Not for free anyway.

      I watch with interest.



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        Machine trouble shooting .

        Learn to sew.
        general tips.
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          Thanks!! They can go into the sewing tips section of my bookmarks!
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            What machine do you use, I use a Janome and they have their own forum where you can post a question machine specific. I am sure the other makes have the same.

            I have been sewing for over 30 years so will help if I can.


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              I think i have one bookmarked some where , i will have a good look tonight !!

              I have been sewing a while too so if i can help any just ask
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                I have only just realised that about the needle aswell Swirly. I only found out about it by accident, I also found that there is a little indentation in the foot (don't know if that's the correct word) to show me where the needle will go into the fabric. It's brilliant when you actually know what you're doing!!!!

                I have recently started to knit again and had forgotten how to cast on so I searched for 'knitting casting on' and a 'youtube' video came up. It was great. There's no stopping me now!!!


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         is absolutely fabby!


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                    We could open a thread for just those questions. I think most of us are self taught regarding sewing machines. My only lessons were at school in Needlework Class but I have used a very wide variety of sewing machines over the years including an old Singer treadle and a Singer hand machine. (the Ark or what?) I did know about the needle position though and I can take most of them apart and put them together again. There will be quite a few cafters with that sort of knowledge and I am sure they would all be happy to share it.
                    There must be folk who have been to College and Uni for fabric related courses or degrees. I am sure they would also enjoy helping anyone out.
                    Now all we want is someone to start the ball rolling.,
                    God helps them that help themselves.


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                      That's typical, (of me!!) someone mentions a forum, I have a look then I 'accidently' join! That's 3 I've joined so far! Carry on like this, I'll have to get my own computer!!





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                        What sort of sewing machine problems do you normally encounter?
                        The top issue based on my experience is "Thread tension" causing a poor quaility stich.


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                          Have you tried going to the manufacturers site? I use a Singer machine and their website has a great section for troubleshooting and for help. They are also very helpful if you just call them up.
                          Jared Hustman
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                            Originally posted by creativeclare View Post
                   is absolutely fabby!
                            What a great forum this one is - thanks!!!
                            Gail x

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