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Help with Shabby Chic/Country Signs

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  • Help with Shabby Chic/Country Signs

    Hi everyone

    I am new to the forum and have been an keen crafter for years, I have tried my hands at most things, xstitching, jewellery making, ceramics ect. I would love try making shabby chic signs to give as christmas gifts. I have been looking for books on this but no luck so far. Can anyone give some advice on how to get started, I have some actual decorating idea's and sayings I would want to use, but I need help with learning how to do the country font style and what paints are best to use to use.

    Thank you all in advance

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    Hello and . I am so sorry but can't help with your query but would be very interested to read the answers. The nice thing about this forum is that someone, somewhere, knows the answer so keep looking.
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      Hi and

      I don't know too much about shabby chic, but I've read somewhere that crackle glaze can give an aged look to items

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        Hi and welcome to the forum. One of the best books about shabby chic is by Rachel Ashwell, she is English but base in the USA.
        Distressing can be done in a number of ways, if you use a base coat, normally darker than the top coat allow to dry then add a lighter or contrasting shade over the top, cover well. Allow to dry then sand lightly in areas to allow the base coat to show through. The other is crackle glaze applied between coats. The top coat must be applied with even strokes and quite quickly as the crackle starts almost immediately. The former is a bit easier to start with.
        I will probably be doing some signs this year, they all sold last year, but have not got around to it yet.
        Good Luck


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          I make a couple of different styles of signs, some distressed, some not, I am also going to be adding to my range when I get the time!!!!. For the distressed finish ones, as carolecrafts said, use a base coat of one colour and then a top coat of a contrasting colour, when dry sand down the areas you want to show.

          For some of my writing styles I found a font on the computer that I liked and then printed out the saying I wanted and wrote it on freehand - it takes a bit of practice!!. You could also use stencils etc. You will also need to varnish over your sign when finished.
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            I make shabby chic signs,

            What i find is best for me, is not to uncoat, but just base the wood in white emulsion paint. Let it dry, and then lightly sand it, especially on the corners and let the natural wood show through. Then varnish. Most shabby chic signs are white/cream...french white.
            Hope this helps.
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              I make door signs - some names and other sayings - like the very controversial 'girl's rule' and 'boy's rule' signs - there was nearly a riot at my stall! But they are made out of wood and decorated with FIMO letters which make myself. DOn' know much about shabby I'm afriad! Though I'd lovwe to see some of you lots some on here so I can admire please!!

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