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Hotfix crystal/bejeweler help plzzz

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  • Hotfix crystal/bejeweler help plzzz

    Hello all i am a newbie so be nice lol...i am also new to crafting.
    I have bought myself a bejewler and some crystals and have been told i can get some hotfix heat transfer books but can only find ones like celtic designs etc i am wanting ones like disney and childrens popular childrens programmes is this possible?? if so where from please?

    Also i have been told i can use a transfer pen from where would i get one of these?? and do i just draw around my design and place on my garment then it prints onto my garment or something else? dont wanna use the plastic sticky paper then iron as wanna use the bejewler any advice is much appreciated thanks again wendy.x

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    Transfer pens you can get from any haberdashery department. The hot fix designs, you do not have to use specifically for hot fix, look out for outline embroidery designs, google for embroidery designs and you can use these. You only need an outline then fill in as required. Or you could use cross stitch designs. I tend to use my MAC and use clipart as they make good outlines.


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      hiya thanks for that i will do just that didnt think of using them as designs lol so will sort that now thanks wendy.xx