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which fimo is strongest to make buttons out of?

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  • which fimo is strongest to make buttons out of?

    Hello people

    Hope everyones enjoyed our fabulous sunny summer ..... annnyywaayyyy

    I make lots of things - I try out so many mediums there is never enough time in the day to make everything !!

    One of my best selling items is my button jewellery.. closely followed by button bags/purses and button greetings cards...

    Now, I will never stop buying buttons in all shapes ages and sizes because I'm a crazy button lady BUT I have become quite interested in making some of my own custom buttons from polymer clay and acrylic paint... Also I thought I could cast some of my real favorite button shapes so I can replicate them in case I can't ever find the same shape again!

    I understand there are quite a few variations of polymer clay - fimo classic, fimo soft, sculpey? etc..

    I understand fimo classic is more durable once baked than fimo sooft - but will fimo soft suffice for what I am using it for?? Or will jangling about on a necklace be too much for it?

    Thank you in advance for your help everyone And sorry if I've stuck this post in the wrong bit!

    Hugs from
    Amy x
    xX Little Amy Xx

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    Hi Amy

    I make my beads with Sculpy II, Fimo Classic and Fimo Soft.

    Personally I don't like the Classic as it is quite hard to use and I can do everything I want with the Soft. My beads are certainly hard wearing, I have a few bracelets that I have been wearing more or less non stop for the last year or so.

    I have never painted the clay though. You can create so many great pattern or pictures with different coloured clay.
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      If you're rolling it out for shaping, Fimo Classic works well and is durable. If you are creating more unique shapes that require hand sculpting, the Fimo Soft will be much easier to work with. This is also durable when finished - I've never noticed a difference once hardened. I've never used the Sculpey but have heard that it is pretty much the same.
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        fimo clasic fires strongest out of the fimo range I dont know about other makes