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  • Wedding invitations/favours etc

    Hi all,

    I am just about to set wedding date and want to make my own invitations, favours, placecards etc. Anyone know good places to get supplies.

    One of the shopping channels on tv has a kit but i would need 3 of the kits

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    First of all Tracy many congrats on your forthcoming wedding - now the real fun begins

    I guess it all depends on what kind of design you're going to go for and how many you need to make. If you're going to need lots of cards etc then personally I'd suggest as the more you buy the cheaper it gets plus it's very good quality.

    As for embellishment and the like let us know what kind of design you're thinking about and I'm sure we'll be able to help. If you're thinking about stamping then I've just uploaded some new clear stamp sets that include wedding words to my site, you can see them here if you're interested

    Just being nosy now but what kind of date are you looking at?
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      Hi there,

      Congratulations, how exciting!

      Take a look at my site? I have a wedding range which I am still adding too - look out for favour boxes which will be coming soon! Any question just give me a shout x x
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        Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. have some stuff for making your own wedding invitations but can be a bit expensive - they are good for getting ideas from though. Some of the websites that make handcrafted wedding stationery offer kits to make your own but I can't remember which ones at the moment - I'll try and post later with the details.
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          Hiya, congratulations on your wedding !!!

          Have a good look on Ebay to see if you can get a bargain on there