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Making notice boards?

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  • Making notice boards?

    I am soon to be getting my own craft space (yay!! will post more when its here) and I want to make some notice boards for it. I really want to make them covered with fabric but where do I start? Am sure somebody on here makes them so any tips would be much appreciated.


    x Hannah

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    Hi there!

    I made some noticeboards from sundeala covered with felt. They have fuzzy faces on. You could also make some with the criss-crossed ribbon on, where you just slot in the papers, rather than pin them...

    Sundeala is available from railway hobby shops - google it, you will find it! It is also the same type of noticeboard stuff that they use in schools.

    I was trying to get hold of some cork floor tiles but it proved impossible - B&Q were supposed to have some but I could never find any branches that had any in stock!



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      Use a piece of MDF, it looks quite nice if you cut across the corners. Cut a piece of wadding to size (quite thick) cut fabric larger than the board, with about a 4" overlap all round.
      Place the fabric face down, then wadding and then the board, starting at either a side or bottom, secure the fabric to the back to the board with a staple gun. Now do the same with the opposite side but pull tight. Repeat for the top and bottom.
      Add the ribbons about 15mm across the front of board in the design you want, normally criss cross and secure the ends with staples at the back, make sure to pull them tight as you want to make the fabric puffs at front.
      At each overlapping point of the ribbon on the front secure with upholstery buttons, these are hammered in.
      Cut a piece of fabric 1/2" larger than back and press in approx 3/4" all round, place on back of board and secure with staple gun, this covers all your rough ends.
      To hang screw sturdy picture frame hangers on the back and you are done. It is best to then screw this to the wall to avoid the board moving when using.

      Hope this helps.


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        I was going to suggest felt. I make felt notice boards and turn them into callenders with interchangeable pieces for children.

        (Crumbs, that was a long word, 15 letters, my brain must be working again).
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Thanks everyone - cant wait to get started now, went to town today to get fabric for them and of course forgot - argh, typical lol!



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            What about pin boards? I know they come covered, but the cheap cork ones form wilkinsons are about £2 each - you could then cover them with fabric - just a thought.

            Deb x