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  • Nymo thread

    Does anyone know of an alternative to Nymo that doesn't fray and split as much? I've tried the blunt needle trick, but after a while the thread looks like a horses tail!

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    what's the blunt needle trick - I dont think I'm familiar with that?

    Can you not slightly melt the end of the thread with a flame, or use clear nail varnish to seal it (you might get some funny looks at the checkout if you try the latter!!). These should prevent fraying, if that helps at all.

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      It's not the end that's fraying, it's the bits in the middle after repeatedly putting the needle through the beads - the blunt needle is to stop the sharp point cutting the thread as you go through the same holes. Shoulda stuck to making earrings!


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        Nymo alternative

        At the moment I use Nymo for all my beadweaving but I'm waiting for an alternative arriving from the States - Fireline - they are raving about this on the American forums. It's a fishing line but is meant to be perfect for using for bead weaving projects so much so that people are guaranteeing their work. Not sure where you can get it in the UK although I know The Bead Shop in Haddington are experimenting with it to see if it is any good.
        Back to Nymo, have you tried Thread Heaven or just plain old Beeswax to condition your thread before you start. I use Thread Heaven and so far no problems apart from my own personal lack of faith over Nymo's strength and durability.