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    I have just started making paper and made my first few sheets on Sunday. I have a Kundalini A3 kit. Once you have got a sheet of pulp it tells you to transfer it onto a drying board (plastic sheet). Once my paper had dried I discovered that it was quite hard to remove from those plastic sheets and when I did get them off I discovered that the paper was super-smooth on one side. I quite like the effect of the paper being rough and wondered if anybody had any tips or ideas

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    I've never made paper before so I can't really help here. However if you want one side of your paper to be rougher, could you put something onto the plastic sheet/board to alter its shape while it is drying? I was thinking slightly scrunched up foil that would give it a texture but it would probably be difficult to get off once the paper has dried. Tricky one this!! Are all the boards you can buy for this smooth or are there some textured ones? You can't be the only person who wants rough paper.
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      The plastic boards came with the kit. I was wondering if maybe I could dry the paper without using the board? It's quite hard to explain in writing, but the mesh holding the paper when it is first formed is laid on a towel. You then put a plastic board over it, but something heavy on top and stamp up and down on it a bit to squeeze out the excess water.


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        I think te plastic is used because it wont stick to the paper.
        As long as you find osmething that wont stick as it dries then it should work.

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          I haven’t made any paper - But a while back I read up about the process a bit as I was interesting in trying it out.

          I seem to remember mention of using cloth-type sheets between the layers of paper when drying to keep them separate. (Sorry, my memory is pretty bad)

          Maybe these sheets which can help absorb the moisture will be helpful - or at least worth a try - as they will not be a smooth layer as the plastic. Also its more flexible and potentially easier to separate from the finished paper.

          Good luck and let me now how you get one - Maybe I should get back to the library for those books and give it a go myself!

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            I've bought some cleaning cloths so I might give that a go. If it doesn't work out it didn't break the bank. I've got some paper soaking so when I get some time I'll give it a go with the cloth. Fingers crossed that it works.