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  • Heat n NOT bonding!


    A couple of people have mentioned Heat n Bond to me in recent months so I thought I'd give it a go (instead of my usual Bondaweb) on a shopping tote that I am customising and maybe get away with not having to sew for a change!

    I followed the instructions and got as far as shapes cut out and ready to iron in place on the bag but when it came to doing this it all went a bit "Pete Tong"! And yes I did remove the backing paper first before anyone asks the obvious!
    Basically I've got bird shapes and wing shapes. The wings have stuck to the birds ok but the birds won't stick to the bag! They just keeps peeling off.

    Is it something I've done or not done or could it be that the bag is finished with something that's affecting the bonding process? It's a natural organic cotton bag supposedly untreated so I didn't think pre-washing would be necessary! Any clues as to where I've gone wrong?

    It's the "Ultra" by the way.
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    I've never had any trouble with this stuff?
    Are you using a really hot iron with steam?
    I've never known it to not stick....
    Can you iron from the back?
    I sometimes spray the area I want to stick to with a bit of water first...
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      Maybe the bag is starched or waterporoofed? I'd give it a wash & iron first...

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        It has got to be the bag. As I said before the wings I cut out stuck to the bird fabric fine but the whole bird piece will not stick to the bag.
        Those hearts and flowers you sent me stuck just fine too Emma so I am sure it's the bag (the apparently untreated, natural, organic, cotton bag!)

        Anyway I've scorched the bag now (got a bit too enthusiastic with the Iron) so I've decided it's a prototype which in "Nat speak" means I get to use it myself! Have sewn the blasted birds on now.
        Will definately pre-wash bag next time - lesson learnt!
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