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  • campervan earrings

    got an order for some campervan earrings if at all possible
    but not sure about getting the charms for them
    anyone got any ideas

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    Maybe you could make some yourself using fimo or sculpey polymer clay? It is very easy to work with, and then you just cook it in your oven to harden it. You can get little starter sets with a range of colours in quite cheaply, then you just need to print out/draw a simple picture of a camper van to either copy if you are making 3D charms or even trace onto the fimo with a needle/knife if you want flat ones.

    It would be evry satisfying to make your own too!

    C x


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      I've just been looking on e.bay at some that look like they've been made from fimo
      I've seen a lot of things that you could make with it but just don't think I'd be very good at it
      not sure where to start


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        How long have they given you to make them?

        Fimo is REALLY easy to use, honestly! You could even just copy the ones that are on ebay if that is how you want them, it's not like you will be listing them on there so it wont matter. Or I found this pic which would work well in fimo:

        Or how about stamping onto shrink plastic? I havnt tried it myself but others on here may be able to help if you wanted to do that?

        I think you will have to make them yourself, I just googled and couldnt find any charms or beads with camper vans.

        C x


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          I was just gonna suggest shrink plastic too, but you'd have to have the relevant stamp o course, or a good eye for drawing a little campervan

          Thats a great piccie Claire's put on, good image that

          Shaz x
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          & Rossendale Ramblings!

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            Hey! Come and join the camper van swap I'm running on my blog!

            If you can't leave a comment on the post, PM me and let me know if you want to join in and I'll include you.


            Camper Van earrings!

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              Have you tried Jewellery enchantments they have a camper van but may be too American.