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I have a photoshoot coming up...

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  • I have a photoshoot coming up...

    with my god mum, shes offered to do free shot for me to promote my new collection and I need to come up with some good ideas for a theme.
    My stuff is quite 'aternative', skulls, hearts, frills, baby pinks, baby blues, lace. Quite Japanese street style.
    I was thinking about having a mad hatters tea party crossed with a Marie Atoinette theme because i think the contrast would be really quirky and cute.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me with ideas of props ect as the studio is literaly a plain white backdropped room.
    I have visions of jewels, lots of cakes, fans, bowls of sweeties ect.
    Any ideas would be welcomed!!!

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    Hi Rudy,
    You don't say what you want to use the photos for. If they are web shots for selling on the internet I would suggest keeping it simple so that potential customers can see your items clearly. Perhaps you could use colour and pattern to suggest your Japanese street style. However if you are taking shots for a different purpose and want to create a setting that is surreal why not do an image search with keywords that relate to your style on Google? That way you will see unusual combinations and things may jump out that look good together.
    Chris W.
    Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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      The shots are to promote my collection, so a themed shoot that will sum up the feel and influence of the collection. I will also be doing simple shots that will clearly show all garments. I have done some research on the themes and have just finished watching Marie Antoinette. I am quite confident that this will be my theme but just need some tips or advice on simple props, as i will be getting a taxi to the studio as it is quite a distance away, the studio is for private hire so there are no props available.


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        food like cakes and sweets is a good idea like you suggested, easy and cheap, but will melt under the lights hehe

        got any appropriate models you can use? do crazy makeup and big hair


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          With your articles being pale blues and pinks the white backdrop is ideal although stark, perhaps thin swirls or shapes of smokey grey - not too much, just enough to break up the white then any props or products won't disappear into the background'. Alternatively a completely black and white shot, the only colour being your products.
          God helps them that help themselves.