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    My mum has gone away for a week and im planning on tidying up the garden a bit and making a bit more special as shes had a lot on her mind recently and i wanted to treat her.

    We have a small table in the garden that my boyfriend made and i think it would look really nice if it was covered in mosaic, just a colourful pattern, no visable image or anything. I plan on using old plates, tiles, pebbles, glass gems ect but was wondering if anyone had any tips on mosaic-ing things!!!

    Obviously it needs to be waterproof! And what should i use to stick on the things!!? Some sort of poly filler!? Ive used that before and it works ok!
    AND..! Do i need to sand it all down first, i dont want the plaster to fall off! Its a wooden table but its painted with emulsion.

    Any help would be great!

    And if anyone has any other useful tips or ideas that would look nice in a garden!? My mum is very crafty too, she likes: Fairies (we already have a fairy garden in the front garden that the school kids love so we dont need another one of those!!), she likes hindu gods and goddesses and lots of warm colours! If anyone has any ideas i might try them out! And take photos!

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    I would soooooo love to have someone surprise me with a garden makeover whilst I was away for a few days. Good look with your project.

    Have a look at these links for a few tips.,00.html

    Also check out the bottom of this page as you should find other related posts and there may be some tips on those threads.
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      aww thankyou
      They were really helpful!
      What is used to dye the grout different colours!? Do you think a blob of acrylic wuold do it!?
      Id imagine so.
      Well hopefully i can start that when i get the grouting. Im quite excited!!
      Any other garden craft ideas are welcome!


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        If you have any mosaic bits left how about doing a few matching flower pots? Candles/lighting, punched tins with tea lights inside? And a bottle of bubbly at the ready for when your mum gets home
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          hmm we have a few tins with tea lights in, but they tend to go rusty if theyre left out. Although i could do a few for when she gets back, just to make it look pretty!!
          Bubbly's a good idea!
          Shed like taht!!


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            Good for you - I hope she likes it.

            My dad and I are doing my sister's garden for her while she is away - my daughter has gone with her as escort so she could get away on holiday. She is diabetic, has 2 daughters, one of whom has cerebral palsy, is in a wheelchair and totally dependant and the a**hole she called a husband left her for a single parent and moved away. So - she has a busy time with work, kids and life.

            Anyway - she has a 16m border she planted rosa rugosa in and then left it - last year she weedkilled the couch grass that moved in. She wants to have a low maintainence bed so I am digging out the grass and swearing at the roses. Then I am going to cover it with a weed suppressant fabric and either gravel or crushed glass. Pots on top - lavender plants if I can find any, her daughter (in wheelchair) loves the smell.

            Dad is shifting a huge grass pile built up over years to make a veg patch for my oldest niece to grow her own produce in. Today my son was helping as was Dad's neighbour, oldest to youngest was a 60 year age difference!

            My shoulder hurts - no doubt back will follow later!



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              Sounds lovely...I was in a wheelchair for a while after my accident. I didn't know how long I'd be in it for and wanted to make our then garden wheel friendly. We had some wide slabs put down all around and raised the beds to knee height. Just wondered if you'd thought about or were able to raise some of the lavender pots a bit? I hope you don't mind the idea
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                I don't mind the idea at all, my sister is able bodied but needs low maintainence as she is short of time. My neice unfortunately is not be able help with the garden, we are just trying to add elements she will enjoy - scent and I'm trying to get crushed glass as a mulch - if they ever answer the phone - so it sparkles (it's one of the uses for recycled bottles here in Shetland).

                How's the mosaic coming along Rudi? - sorry didn't mean to kidnap your thread!



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                  haha thats ok!!
                  Nice to know someone else is doing the same! We can whine about the stress of it all together!!
                  Im no gardener so im sure i'll encounter a few problems!
                  I am taking a trip to the shops tomorrow to get some grouting then i'll start, might go and ask at the charity shop that my mum volunteers at if they have any old plates and things.
                  Fortunately the students next door moved out a few days ago and were chucking out four big pots of brand new white gravel (im not sure why they had brand new, un used gravel but oh well!) and they said i could have that, so i'll be able to gravel over a horrible gloomy bit of the garden which will be nice!!
                  Cant wait to get started!!


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                    2 tips I can give you on mosaicing is start from the center nothing like starting from the edge and not being able to fit your pieces right when you get to the center. If you are useing broken pots be careful of sharp edges sticking out of the grout. I sanded some befor sticking down when I made one at an after school project.
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                      I'm totally USELESS with Mosaic stuff but I do sell little mini floer pots decorated with FIMO flowers - they're dead easy and very effective, that might be another idea for the garden...

                      I was going to show you a picture but am having technical issues!

                      God luck with it anyway and let us know how it goes!

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                      Go on, add some sparkle to your project!


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                        Aaah see i was going to start at the edges!! haha thankks!!


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                          hmm fimo shapes might be nice actually, hadnt thought of that!! Like the stripey beads that you can get sometimes. Hmmm might try that!! then if i cant find and pot pieces to fill the gaps i could make the perfect shape!!


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                            How is your mum's garden coming on Rudi?

                            My sister came home today and says she can't believe it - she keeps going and looking out the window to see it. I was really nervous, especially about the glass but she is really happy with it - phew!



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                              If your still looking for ideas, i feel in love with 2 butterflies at the garden centre but they are Copper painted.

                              I would think someone who does jewelry could do the same but in a thicker wire and add colorful beads on in the wings and body, just as an added focal point, would look lovely attached to a light fence and Ive just decided I'm going to make my own too lol. Thanks Rubi the ones at the garden center are £45 for the 2!

                              look up Copper shimmering butterfly to get the idea.