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    Hello everyone,

    I just return to Canada after two years travelling around Europe. As you can imagine I have a million pieces of memorabilia. I kept a very detailed blog of my adventures so I don't really need a scrapbook. I *can* scrapbook but I really don't have the time or the inclination to do each trip in detail. I'm moderately crafty is what I'm saying.

    What I'm looking for is an interesting idea for my many postcards, something simple that would take me a couple of days start to finish and not cost a lot, something that could be easily put away but look amazing when I show people.

    I knew this would be the best place to come for advice

    Can you help?

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    Perhaps not such a crafty idea but have you thought of one of those picture frames that flip from one picture to another. Mind you you'd have to take a photo of your postcard first and then put upload it onto this would be like a mini slide show? Or how about a series of star cards, mini books, concertina like, mounted onto card and ribboned together? Or a padded notice board, criss-crossed with ribbon and your postcards arranged like a collage?
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      Hello Kathryng and to the forum. For ideas on how to display your postcards, I too was thinking of making a book that would be easy to flick through and bring back the memories...but I like Netties idea of a padded notice board with criss crossed ribbon and the postcards displayed. It would be a real feature and a talking point.
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        My sister did a collage type display of old photos with a BIG pictureframe, and the pictures cut up and spraymounted to a huge card...

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          Coffee table

          Why not make a really cool coffee table by putting the cards under a sheet of shatter proof glass! My sister did that years ago with pics of our family and it looked brilliant!!!! Sue xx


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            Ooh I like that table idea Susie...does your sister change it about every now and again?
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              Originally posted by nettie View Post
              Ooh I like that table idea Susie...does your sister change it about every now and again?
              Well, it was quite a long time ago and the photo's were all of when we were little. She has moved to France to live now and I think her eldest daughter has the table. Bob and I are going to visit her for the first time late September so we are really looking forward to it. Cheap Ryan Air flights!!!!!! Hurrah!!! Bob came home from work and I said 'Yippee we are going to France'. He just looked puzzled and fainted!!!! He He!! Sue xx