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Silly question about posting things!!

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  • Silly question about posting things!!

    Well, i have recently finished college and am now at the stage were i should really be creating a place (website, etsy, myspace ect) to sell my bits and pieces!
    I know its a silly question but how easy and simple is it to post your goods!?
    I have never posted anything but letters before and am terribly un organised!
    I am putting a collection down a catwalk at a fashion show thats being held at the main shopping center in oxford and am hoping that this will generate some interest in what i do, but i obviously need to know the basics of packing and sending off an order!!
    Also any tips on paypal would be helpful as im pretty much useless at everything but crafting!!
    Hope to get some tips from you more experienced crafters!!

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    Depends on what you make, I guess. If it's glass, you could have some problems, as the PO can beat things up pretty well! I pack in lots of bubblewrap and cardboard, or jiffibags, depending on what it is. Though making up a custom box from old cardboard can take a while, it works well.

    I'd recommend sending via Registered Post, or they'll just get stolen on the way. Just go to the PO with the item clearly labelled, and your return address (marked RETURN TO) on the back, and ask to send it registered post.

    I also add a "Thank you for your order" sheet, with care instructions...

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      paypal is user-friendly. you just register and then, you could get the buy buttons and all that support.

      you have to deal with your courier service for shipping costs

      then, your packaging will depend entirely on what your products are


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        Well most of my items are clothes, bags and accessories, nothing delicate!
        I would be ok with the packaging ect just the sending bit, if its as simple as popping into the post office though, i should be ok!! If they stop closing them all down that is!!
        Paypal sounds quite complicated to me!!
        i shall have to have a ganders and see for myself i suppose!


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          Posting goods

          Hi Rudi,
          I make hand made wedding garters (or did until february this year when I started a course that took up all my spare time). Anyway every item that I ever posted arrived safely except 2 (in an 18month period) I always use the post office, get a certificate of posting which costs nothing and bobs your uncle, it's always been fine for me, and wedding garters have to arrive on time. you can pay a little insurance if you wish , but normal postage covers up to £35.
          Hope this helps


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            Thankyou 'garters'!!
            I would love to make some really girly lacey garters, for fashion purpose rather than wedding!!
            They always look so cute and scrummy!!


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              paypal help

              A very well hidden account on paypal for sellers of low cost items is a micropayments account. It used to be for transactions upto £9.50 but it has been increased to £12 now.

              Instead of the usual 3.4% + 20p fees are 5% + 5p.

              Not fully aware of link policy on this forum so do not want to post a link in case it is norty LOL

              If you sell for over £12 then I would also have a standard account, which is a pain in the jacksy as it means having 2 paypal accounts, 2 email addresses and 2 bank accounts. Well worth it for the saving in fees though.

              As for packaging....depends what you are selling but all the above posts had great advice.
              Kind Regards