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  • Latex moulds

    Hi All.

    I have been doing plaster models with my children for some time now. The moulds I have been using have all been plastic, clear plastic. Now I have just got some latex ones from Europacrafts & well, I did not think about this when I saw them & ordered them but!

    Can you get or buy from somewhere holders for the molds, I have up till now put them in cups & glasses pots anything I could find that would hold them still & not let them fall with the liquid inside them. But they are all sizes & shapes & its now hard to find stuff I can use for this. So is there anywhere you can buy these holders for latex moulds & if so can someone please tell me where I can get them as I need lot of different sizes of them.

    I do hope that someone can help me with my problem here. I am now getting very close to my whits end.

    Thanks to anyone who tries.

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    I always cut out a hole that is roughly the shape of the opening (but slightly smaller ) out of cardboard.. Then I hover it over a container and put in the latex mold.
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      Hi Beads.

      Thanks for your suggestion. I will start to do that one, but why I asked is that in the catalogue they sent me. On one of the pages showing how to pore the plaster, it shown a holder. Now now where in the catalogue does it show them for sale, so after seeing that one I wondered if you could buy them from somewhere.

      It did look very stable, it looked like say 4 beakers upside down. With some kind of think going over them with the hole for the mould in the middle. I am only guessing the middle bit as it shown it from a side view. If I can not find anywhere that sells this kind of thing I may have a look at how I could make some like that. Thanks again for your help, I do not come here that often only when I need help with the craft things I do for my kids. Though each time I have come here you have helped me, thank you.



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        I have just got a couple of latex molds too... i did a search on you tube and came up with a tutorial, watch it through and it will come up with a tip using plaster, just found out I can't pot the url so go to you tube and type in 'tapplastic' 'How to make a Latex Mold' the HTH
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          ooo errr sorry double posted.
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            This is two years old.


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              wow the 'search' memory is loooooong
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                What I have done when using this sort of moulds for my candles and that is too cut the bottom out of plastic glasses. I have used pint and half pint glasses and just pushed a very sharp knife close to the edge of the bottom and run it around till the bottom lifts off then my mould fit snugly inside held secure while I pour hot wax in to them





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                  I tested my molds

                  I wrapped them in bubble wrap and stood them up in a small box! it worked fine... now got to work out how to get the bubbles out... or risk loosing the tiny angels toes!!!
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