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Any ideas for Make and Takes?

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  • Any ideas for Make and Takes?

    So, I've got this vision of holding parties for craft novices and letting them try out simple make and takes to encourage them to buy craft products. I think the make and takes should be free, I have a few ideas but they need to be things that take about 20-30 mins and don't cost much for me!
    Any ideas anyone?
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    Maybe something that involves small beads, they are fiddly, time consuming and cheapish.

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      Are you thinking for adults or children? Card making is quite good for both as you can demonstrate lots of techniques like embossing, quilling etc. It can be quite expensive though if you are going to give things away for free - how about charging a flat fee and saying that they can make 5 cards or so for that price. That way you would cover part of the costs, demonstrate different techniques and hopefully get people to spend more money!!
      For kids - or .com is good and if you join you get a percentage off what you spend.
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