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  • How much?

    I made a swarovski necklace at the weekend.
    I just worked out that the main materials cost me £7, not in headpins,about 21 were used.
    It took me about 20 minutes to make.
    What kind of price do you suggest this be sold at?

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    I'd say £15 to £20 given time and material, but it seems it costs you a lot to make... Have you got a pic? However when it comes about pricing jewellery - sometimes the market dictates prices!
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      Soz, no pics.
      I used 2x 14mm swarovski beads at £1.10 each for part of it which bumped the price up.I tried to be conservative but my love of sparkle took over.Also the 1m chain was £1.50.
      But it looks gorgeous even tho I say so myself.Ive been wearing it down my local Sainsburys to see if people look.

      Annoyingly I cant get different colours in gradiated (I may have just made that word up, what I mean is I want beads from 3mm through to 20mm)sizes from 1 company.
      Fpr this necklace I had to get beads form 2 companies.
      Plus I had a look at getting differnt colours in different sizes and either they dont have the continuous sizes or they dont have matching colours, very annoying.

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