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Fabric Dyeing Help!!!

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  • Fabric Dyeing Help!!!

    I didn't realise colour mixing applies when you dye fabric.
    Thought you just got the colour on the packet *blush*
    (can't find a blushing smilie)

    anyway I had This kind of green curtain which when dyed with chocolate
    They have now gone a lovely Dark green
    But I want chocolate (A bit Darker than this) Curtains.

    So Guess I need to add a red hue but am not sure whether to go for Terracotta, Red or Dark Red
    Does anyone have experience? or know of a good colour mixing site?
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    If you have dark green now I think it would be really difficult to turn it to a chocolate shade. I think if you add a red (of whatever shade) you might end up with something that looks a bit like errrr, well I wouldn't like to say, lol....

    You can get a product called pre-dye which will strip the original colour out before you replace it with new dye. I know Dylon have it.

    All the best with it!

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      Thanks craftmatters x x

      I am using dylon and saw their pre-dye albeit a bit too late *blush*

      Worried now that the dyed curtain, will not look the same if I pre dye them all as it is a different colour now from the rest.

      Wish I had never started this!! I could have brand spanking new chocolate curtains for the amount I spent on dyeing these!
      "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

      Buffys Charms Website