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  • Chainmaille

    This is a question for Fran, really!!!

    I've seen you have done some on your website. What type of jump rings do you use - quite fancy having a go.... although I suppose it takes quite some time assembling all these little rings!
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    The jump rings I make and cut myself, but you can buy them too. I've only seen the correct Gauges and Inside Diameters on American chainmaille sites.

    It can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It is time consuming but I like to think of it as 'my knitting' This is a fantastic resource site:

    You can buy books to learn on Amazon, you can get free tutorials on the web too.

    Unfortunately the UK is not geared up with suppliers for chainmaille, you can get some rings but not all and definately not St.Silver ones, hence the reason I make my own.

    I'm aiming to have a gallery of it's own for my chainmaille when I can build up the stock, some of which will be getting sent off for hallmarking on Monday.

    I'd be only too happy to help out in anyway I can.......just ask!