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Brass repair project - two questions...

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  • Brass repair project - two questions...

    Please bear in mind that this is a LOW COST project.

    I have a pair of fireplace objects which were crafted in India, consisting of 10mm brass pipe and cast brass fittings.
    The fittings have been (mostly) shaved down with a file and then cut (not well) with 5/16" x 18 BSW die.
    The tube (10mm OD x 1mm wall) has also been cut (not well, again) with a 5/16" x 18 BSW tap.
    The pipes are split the whole way down - this looks like season cracking or stress.
    Also, some of the fittings are very loose having been over-slimmed.

    So that's what I have to start with.
    I want to repair these, and replace the brass tube (I have found and ordered the new tube, no problem),
    I also have a 5/16" x 18 BSW tap & die set (not Volkel quality, but good enough for brass fittings).

    I have found suitable replacement brass tube - so that's good.

    TL;DR: Here's where I am stuck:

    Some of the fittings were filed down - way too much. I am wondering how I can bulk out what is there - and wondered about, eg, applying solder to give bulk back to the fitting, which I could then use to re-cut on the die. (I do have a couple of soldering irons - and a gas torch).

    Alternatively, to hammer the fitting joint flat, so that I could get at least two points of edge (though I really want to avoid a wobbly connection)..
    Maybe tooling an inner pipe to fit the outer one? Maybe in copper?

    If I am going to be heat-treating, should I be cooling the work slowly or quickly (eg in water), considering I want to be using a die on the work later?

    I really don't want to have to re-cast or recreate the fittings - that's way beyond the scope of the project.
    Oh, being fireplace objects, any work needs to survive heat - so I don't want to use epoxies, etc.

    I want to end up with good fits, and no wobble to the the pieces!

    My current plan is to internally sleeve the new pipe with copper - 8mm OD / 1.0mm wall, and then recutting both threads to M7. Still not sure how best to bind the inner sleeve to the outer pipe - thoughts very welcome.
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