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  • Translation please! Can you help!

    I am very slowly working my way through a jumper but have got rather stuck at one of the instructions- it doesn’t seem to add up?!
    {KNIT 4 STS, inc next ST} to End of row (51 sts)
    Does this mean - knit 4 stitches as normal; then knit including the next stitch to the end of the row. Or does it mean knit 4 to the next stitch & then the rest of the row as normal? The numbers in brackets have confused me - as I’ve cast on 36 - so how do I end up with 51!!
    thank you in advance if anyone can shed light!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    From the information you have given I have to agree that the number of stitches indicated for the end of the increase row (51) doesn't make sense UNLESS you are increasing two stitches into every fifth stitch which would be unusual.

    The instructions in brackets indicate they should be repeated along the length of the row - ie knit four stitches, increase into the next stitch, and repeat these two actions to the end of the row. This, however, would only give a final 43 stitches from a starting point of 36.

    Can you give the instructions prior to, and those following, the line that is causing the confusion to see if it makes any more sense to us?



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      Hi Linda - many thanks for getting back to me! Huge apologies - I added one step ahead too many. So from your comment I need to knit 4 stitches, then the 5th stitch will be an Inc stitch - but then that would take me to 44?

      The full instructions are below 😊

      Cast on 36
      Rows 1-8 [K1, P1] to end of row
      Row 9 [Knit 4 STS, Inc Next ST] to end of row (43sts)
      Row 10 Purl
      Row 11 [Knit 4 STS, Inc Next ST] to end of row (51sts)
      Row 12 Purl
      Row 13 Knot


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        Hi Zaz

        You are right - the first row of increases will take you to 44 stitches and I can only assume this is an error in the written pattern. Are you using a commercially printed pattern or one taken from a website (I only ask because the commercially printed patterns tend to have much more rigorous testing and proof reading than many written on a website by individuals).

        When you complete Row 11 with the second lot of increases you will have 52 stitches of course. Personally I wouldn't worry about this - it's easy enough to decrease a stitch if it really isn't required.

        Good luck with your knitting.


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          Hi Linda - thank you so much for your comments! I will work on the premise of 44 then 52 - thank you for clarifying 😊 I was driving myself mad trying to work it out!
          I got the pattern from a small company so sure it is an accidental error.

          Best wishes!