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What is this plastic string material?

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  • What is this plastic string material?

    This is a lighted Christmas decoration, about twenty to twenty-five years old. Commercially made, most likely in China. Features a welded, steel-wire armature and a string of C7 bulbs. The red and green sections are separate components. I'm trying to find out what the plastic filament is. I once thought it was some variant of Silly String, the aerosol spray kid's toy that shot a strand of "string" that would semi-solidify on contact with air and stick to pretty much anything. It did not harden and was more or less easily removable.
    The filament here is rock hard, translucent, not at all sticky. It's almost 1/8 inch in diameter. I don't think it's shot from a nozzle because in the close-up photo, one can see it clearly wraps around the wire armature in places. I don't know how that could be done with a gun. There is no pattern to the application, it is quite random. The armature is a half doughnut with a flat back; it can be seen that the filament sagged slightly between the wires while still unset.
    I would like to make a couple of these. The armature would be simple enough for my novice welder's skills. But I have no idea what the covering is made of. I notice in recent years reindeer and other animals have appeared as Christmas outdoor decorations, all covered in this same material, usually transparent or white.
    Any information on this would be very much appreciated.
    Hope I've done the attachments correctly!

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