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Question on spray Paint dowels & method?

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  • Question on spray Paint dowels & method?

    I’m new to this forum so go easy

    im working with ash dowels and currently on a golf project with them. I’ve watched many Wooden arrow making videos from the US mainly as the process they go through seems similar to what I’m trying to achieve.

    1. I’ve got custom made Ash dowels and staining them. I’m sanding them prior to stain.

    2. I’m then “Spray painting” them with colours and using masking tape to create some stripes (similar to arrow creating look)

    my questions are:
    should I be sanding the area to be spray painted after being stained?
    should I be using a primer before spray painting?
    im trying to create some stripes on different colour (so black main colour & then white stripes), I’m using masking tape. But struggling to get really clean lines - should I be painting all black and then the white stripe lines OR masking off the stripes I want so I’m paint the white stripes onto the stain?

    can share pictures if needed for it to make sense?

    thank you!