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Printing/embossing onto gift boxes

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  • Printing/embossing onto gift boxes

    Hello, I'm at an impasse and wonder if anyone can please help. I want to print a personalised message onto my gift boxes. I've picked a couple of examples off the web of what I mean. Are they printed/embossed/stamped!? Any ideas folks would be welcomed thank you
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    These look as if done professionally, you can get the same effect but would need stamps and embossing powders plus a heat gun. Or maybe buy some rub on transfers, loads of people do them on Etsy within the UK


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      They could have been done with a laser machine, you might want to think about using one if you're going to a lot.


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        Thank you both for the suggestions. Do you mean a laser cutting machine? How would that do the personalised message part - it looks almost typed to my laymans eye!


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          They can set the laser to engrave the surface, just like pyrography. Loads of how to's on youtube etc.


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            Ahh, I'm with you! Fab will have a look on you tube


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              You could do it with a laser engraver, you'll need about 3W to get a dark engraving on wood, and 2W should be enough for paper. You can always use the software to turn the power down. They are very slow though unless you have a really powerful machine with a fast carriage.

              The boxes in your photos look like they've been die embossed before the wrap has been applied to the box. I suppose you could use an inkjet or laser to pre-print personalised messages on the box wrap and then apply it.

              I hope that's helpful.


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                You know, laser technology has been used in various working purposes today. It's really an amazing discovery. I think laser engraver can make your desire perfect.


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                  I thought I should explain about laser engraver or marking machine a bit more if some guys here find it helpful. [LINK DROP REMOVED] machine is used mostly for organic materials. This includes wood engraving, paper cutting, acrylic bodies, and leather marking. However, the machine can also engrave on non-metal inorganic materials, such as polymers, glass, leather, paper, acrylic and plastics. Hope this will be helpful. Thanks.
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