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Glueing snow globe

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  • Glueing snow globe

    I made a snow globe for a family member for Christmas, and I used E-6000 glue to glue the figurine in side the jar and to glue the lid closed. ( I used a large square jar ) and I used mineral oil (baby oil ) as the liquid, and it worked quite well. I now want to make another snow globe for another family member using an actual acrylic globe. The problem is that to get the round globe completely full with no huge bubbles inside I will have to fill the globe with mineral oil being totally submerged--inside and outside, I can't seem to get it totally full any other way due to the shape of the globe.. However, I have to glue the bottom piece in place, and being submerged with a mineral oil and gluing it at the same time--well that might be a problem--LOL --any ideas?? thanks!

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    Hi, why mineral oil? Generally they are water and glycerin.....
    All I can think is a hole in the bottom that you fill it up from that you can plug off once full?



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      Water grows algae, and that is the reason many many snow globes turn a brownish colour over the years, and believe it or not the water evaporates leaving a large bubble at the top... Also, with mineral oil the "snow" falls slower, and has a nicer "swirl" to it..That is the reason for mineral oil.. looking online they fill them submerged so there is no bubble in it, but using mineral oil and trying to glue it is a bit of a problem unless there is another practical way to fill it, as oil tends to reduce the "sticky" of many things.. For instance if you get pine pitch on your hands, butter or margarine will take it off.. So my thoughts is that the mineral oil might reduce the "sticky" of the glue..