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stuck no satin ribbon 3mm

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  • stuck no satin ribbon 3mm

    well im stuck i need satin ribbon about 3mm to make bows for glove im working on, the thinner the better it wont be good with thicker size.
    but i have tried to ask some stores and in past non of them sells that size in the color im looking for, its usually black or grey but im looking for red and other colors, there's 1-2 stores left for me to ask soon but i dont expect them to sell since all sellers told me they stopped selling it here. i cant buy from online sites because my country gives absurd taxes and usually shipping cost is also so high so i will end up paying more than +100x price

    all i did now cut the one i have into two halves and tried to seal with glue gun, it seems fine so far a bit but still the cut is clear and tiny spots of glue gun came clear on. not to mention i had to hold to make sure its getting sealed well at side so i almost burned my fingers :/
    so if there's a better solution i would be happy to try

    is dye good solution and could work on grey?