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  • Help crochet graph

    This is the graph that I am doing I don't know what am doing it just not working out

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    I have never tried to do a picture using crochet. This looks more like a pattern for cross stitch or tapestry. Or even embroidery.

    Crochet patterns are usually about the type of stitch and the number of them.

    Where did you get it from? Usually there are words to describe the pattern as well as pictures.

    Thinking about it is probably a cross stitch pattern, the reason the black is not working out is because in cross stitch you put the black on after you do the stitching, one thread thick where 2 colours meet or as in the pattern.

    I do a lot of crochet and have never seen a picture done, its always about the colours and stitches.

    Hope this is not too disappointing for you.



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      No it is crochet pattern I got it in esty


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        Okay I found the one you got. Did you get the written instructions too?

        You need to make sure you are using the right size hook and wool to get the right tension.

        I have never seen these before, so I can't advise you.

        There was a link for any questions, maybe try that.

        Sorry I can't help any further.



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          Having time to think about it, I would definitely recommend following the written instructions, I looked at the examples on the Etsy site with your pattern and some of the patterns were worked by rows and some were corner to corner.

          I really think following the written instructions would be more successful.

          Good luck.



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            That what am doing following writing instruction but when your croching one black stitch it doesn't seem to be working the same as the pattern I must be doing domething else wrong but thankyou so much for your help



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              This could be because there are different meanings to the terms based on if it is an American or an English pattern. I recommend you look this up, as you might be following the pattern correctly, but one of them calls a single stitch what the other calls a double stitch.