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    Hello everyone,

    I stumbled across this forum in my quest to find a tool that I need, but I have no idea if one even exists, let alone what it might be called.

    I need a knife for cutting sticker paper, but one that will let me cut to only a certain depth (to the backing paper) so that I can remove the sticker from the backing paper.

    It would have to be something with precision, to about .5mm!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance...

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    sorry cant help you with the tool your looking for but welcome to the forum
    Jan xx


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      Thanks for the welcome anyway Jan,

      I'm thinking it might be done by some kind of special machine that costs thousands of pounds knowing my luck...


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        Probably looking into the signwriting or car sticker field may help you. As for a machine I think the craft robo does what your asking around £200

        I've just found this.
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          Cutting a Partial Depth

          It may take some experimenting with but you should be able to do this with a Shapecutter from Fiskars. You can finely adjust the cutting depth for different weights of paper and so on a thin paper setting you should find that the knife won't cut all of the way through.


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            Try Araldite - put a blob of it on each side of the blade half-way up. Use a toothpick to join the blobs up to cover the blade edge, and work it down the front of the blade till all but the little bit you want to protrude is covered. It sets very hard, like a plastic covering, and I reckon will do the job of shielding the blade for you...

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              I was going to suggest a mount cutter. In my set I have 2 cutters with adjustable blades, 1 cuts 45 degrees the other 90. I just tried it on some peel off. if you wind the blade in almost so it just protrudes it cuts through just the top layer and you can peel it off. I couldnt give you a price because they are old old


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                Couldnt you just cut out the sticker of the sheet, including the backing paper, then peel the sticker off by hand?


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                  No Nader It's easier to stick the whole sheet to a sticky sheet after taking the waste off then peel the backing sheet off then transfer the whole sign to the board or whatever you're sticking it to so you know its all where it should be without spending all day measuring and making marks all over the finished surface


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                    Erm.....this is an old thread, and I don't think the OP stuck it out
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