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Peacock feather wings

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  • Peacock feather wings

    Im trying to make some wings, like butterfly wings from a peacock feather.About 3cm wide.

    I gave up as it was a bit tricky to cut into shape but then i thought put masking tape on the back, it will hold the feathery bits in place and I can draw the shape on it I want.

    I just gave it a go and i realised I really have to plan where i cut it from.
    Obviuosly it all has to join at some point so all the bits dont come off.
    I want to use the most of the gorgeous eye bit .
    I tried to place the join point (where the wing would attatch to a butterfly body)at the centre spine of the feather but because of the shape of the wing and me probably not planning ahead it all fell apart.

    Any idea on wing shape and where to cut it from?

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    Wings are perfect replicas of one another. Therefore for a pair you need to cut one out from either side of the quill.
    I have made butterflies before by using double sided sellatape. I press the feather frimly to one side and then cut the feather in half in the direction of the quill. the two sides will then lay inner face to inner face and you can cut the shape required with sharp scissors. The scissors need to be really sharp of the feather fibres will pull. The benefit of using the double sided tape is that is is practically see through and the backing can then be peeled away to stick down.

    Another technique I have used is to laminate the feathers.

    a simple butterfly wing shape is a heart.
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      Thanks, Il give it a go.

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