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  • Wedding table centerpiece

    Hi all,

    i'm a newbie in need of some help. we have came up with this idea of sweets for table centrepieces. we've already bought the vases tho ( as we had another idea that didnt work).

    Basically we wanted to put flowers in bottom of the vase, make some sort of platform and then fill the rest of with sweets. we went with the flowers at the bottom and platform idea cos the vase was too big to fill with sweets. I can see it in my head, but i'm not sure what i need to make the platform thing.

    I have attached a badly sketched plan on paint. Its not quite to scale, the flowers would prob take up the bottom third of the vase. The vase is bulb shaped as ive tried to draw. Any ideas welcome.
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    hello and im sure they would look wonderful and a different idea
    Jan xx


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      Can you get a round mirror to sit above the flowers and then pile the sweets on that?

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        As I see it you have a problem with your idea.
        The vase you have drawn appears to be narrower at the top and bottom and wider in the middle. this will make it impossible to insert a ridgid object to sit ontop of the flowers. The weight of the sweets could crush the flowers anyway.
        I'd rethink it slightly and fill the bottom with something more solid like coloured sand, glass marbles, pebbles etc so that you could then fold a piece of card or acetate insert it into the vase and it will be supported by the sand, glass pebbles etc. you could then place the sweets in without them crushing the flowers etc.
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          I've heard of people doing a variety of designs with double vases. Put one inside the other and fill the gap in between. Theis takes far fewer sweets or whatever else you are using, and then the inner vase holds water and flowers. Couldn't you find something to insert down the middle of each vase, not necessarily another vase if you're not having a floral display of that kind, but a cyclinder or tube...?
          Sorry I'm not very specific but it's just an idea. :0)

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