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  • Mirrors?

    I've decided I want to have a go at glass painting and decorating mirrors. Do any of you lovely people know where I can get square or round blank mirrors from?

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    homebase etc have a variety of round and square mirrors.
    i have always started out by visiting my local pound shop and removing the cheep frames. It is by far the most economical and most profitable way to go about it. It is also not the end of the world if something goes wrong!!
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      You cab get a variety of shapes at Hobbycraft, square rectangle,circle(I think they had circles).
      I was very happy and surprised to see they did packets of mini circles, diamonds, hearts and stars for about £1.99.

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        Hi there, Ikea sell good value mirrors, they have packs of 20cm diam round mirrors (4/5 in a pack) and packs of larger rectangular mirrors, just get yourself a decent glass cutter and just cut down to the size you want. They're the best I've found so far, I use quite a lot! website ... my blog


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          I'm just going to hijack this thread but it is on the same idea! Does anyone know where I can get lots of small handbag type mirrors from? Like compact size but only one of them - if that makes sense!!
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