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  • Whats wrong??

    We are feeling downhearted this morning after we attended another disasterous craft fair yesterday - no sales again! Although the traffic through the fair was very poor it is still disappointing.

    We had come to the conclusion that the website wasn't getting sales because people could not touch and feel the jewellery. We believed that the fairs were where we were going to sell our jewellery.

    After looking at the other jewellery stands, I prices seem to be line with others. So, maybe its the designs or the way we present our stall.

    Please take a look at our website and let us know what you honestly think of our jewellery, prices etc.

    Thank you
    A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery

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    i think your jewellery is lovely and not at all overpriced. i think its hard to know why people dont order maybe its the time of year?
    sorry not to be much help but i thought your site was great


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      Thanks Lois.

      I think you could be right with the time of year. Christmas bills still be paid off.

      Though the fair previously was before Christmas and we only sold a pair of earrings!
      A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery


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        Cripes, sorry to hear it went badly.
        How about lighting.Maybe people will buy more things if it has that shiny/sparkle factor.

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          I think your web site it lovely and really easy to understand.

          I guess (also) its the time of year. I know I dont have any spare cash to spend on myself so the only 'goodies' I am buying are for presents for birthdays etc.

          I think your prices are spot on aswell.
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            Sorry to hear that the craft fair didn't go too well
            Regarding the website - it looks great and exactly as I would imagine a 'contemporary' website to look like. I have found websales to be non existant on my website although I do have about 40 people a month looking at it - not a lot I know but hey! When you registered the website did you send your details off to google, yahoo etc etc etc - my husband did something like that for our websites - I can check and let you know exactly what he did. I also got some cheap business cards made (vistaprint do free ones) and because I sell books on a well known website I send my business cards out with those too.
            Gosh this is going to be a long thread!! Have you thought about asking local shops if they will stock your items? Also is there a 'craft association' in your area? A friend did the website for one in Derbyshire - it links all crafters in the Peak District together on one website and they activley promote the other businesses on it because they don't compete with their own.
            I hope this makes sense - and offers some advice!
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              Country Markets

              You could try contacting your local Country Market.
              They have their own website so you can see the nearest one to you.
              It only costs 5p to be a share holder and then you pay about 11% (dependent on the market)of your sales to the market.
              It is quite good as if you do not sell anything you do not pay anything.

              I have never made any money out of organised craft fairs, the tables are just sooo expensive.