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    Hi there,

    I am hoping that someone can help me. A couple of years (or so) ago while on my travels around the UK visiting friends in musicals I purchase some embellishments from some crafts shops.

    However I have now used them up & guess what can't find them anywhere. Out of the blue I found 1 packet while I was in Horsham just about a week ago and although I have mailed them to ask if they would get me some more no one has ever come back to me, so I am asking for your help.

    The embellishments I have got are some 'beer mugs' buttons. They are from 'Dress me up' (so the card says on the package) but no luck with their web site (again contacted them but no answer back as yet). I was going to put a pic on here but i can't download it for some reason. I have it as small as i can but it is still coming up saying that the file is too big - can anyone help me on this as well?

    If anyone has seen any or knows where I can get hold of some (or be willing to purchase a couple of packs for me and I can send them the money) I would be grateful.

    Oh the pack only has 6 mugs in them so not a very big packet & the code on there is 3594 (and yes I have tried Google but got everything but!)

    Hope someone can help me & many thanks in advance,


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    Beer mugs

    Hi! Can't say I have ever seen them but there is a Craft shop in Chester and she seems to have everything. When I next go I will take the details and ask her about them. Good luck finding them. Sue x


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      hi, cant find them, Ive heard of dress IT up? But i think they only do beads and stuff

      if so, try jesse james beads its a dot com (Sorry cant post URLs yet!)
      With love
      xx pixiedoodles


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        is this what you're looking for?

        A mind is like a only functions when open


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          Thanks for all your help i have now purchased some of the 'mugs' that i was trying to find.

          Christine x