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Can anyone recmmend a good site for pots and bottles?

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  • Can anyone recmmend a good site for pots and bottles?

    Hi there,

    I am not really happy with the pots / jars and bottles available on the general soap making sites - I am really after 20ml and 50ml jars and 50ml and 100ml bottles (possibly some 200ml). Also interested in tough plastics (to withstand essential oils in products) and glass.

    I have traweled the net for about an hour, and just when I find a site that I like, i find that there is a minimum amount - like 50 of each item - really I don't need more than about 10 at a time is it is just for personal use and for friends.

    Does anyone know of a good site for this?



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    Yep, I'm interested in some contacts for this type of thing too. I sell frit for lampworkers and I'm always looking out for new packaging ideas. I can buy in bigger quantities than you Alexiss, but still many companies won' t sell under 5000 pcs - I'm more likely to buy 500!


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      Have you tried coloured bottles? I haven't used them myself but they have come highly recommended. I will add a link it a mo!!

      Right here you go.

      Coloured bottles.



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        I've used coloured bottles in the past and found them to be really helpful.
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 do small amounts, also could try well if they have them in stock then they will sell in small amounts.


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            Thanks very much everyone - I have looked at coloured bottles and they look lovely!


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              Try the New Directions UK website. They have oodles of glass and plastic containers, lots of colours and sizes. You can buy individual pieces or cartons! Sorry, I can't post the URL because I am brand new and need 25 posts to put a URL in my reply


              ETA: D'oh! Someone has already posted here about New Directions... I should stop trying to skim read! LOL
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                try pattesons glass if your buying in bulk, i think the min order is either 50 or 100 jars and bottles and you will get them cheap, around 15p each, the link to the web site is jarsandbottles-store .co .uk (i can't post links yet as not enougth posts so if someone wants to do it or i will redo this if i remember after 25 posts) prices also include a lid


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                  Naturally Thinking has some nice ones as well