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Do I need to label my soap?

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  • Do I need to label my soap?

    Hi folks. This is a great forum been looking here for a while thanks to a Google search but not to sure on the answer to my question.

    Im thinking of selling soap and bath bombs just at parties to friends etc maybe car boots.
    The soap I'm going to buy is from a wholesaler so it's all tested etc. I can buy the soap either cut and wrapped with their brand labelling on it or whole without labelling, what I'm wondering is do I Have to label it with ingredients etc if I place a card beside the soap at the point of sale saying what's in it?

    The reason I ask is I got a gift set from a very well known bomb and soap company and there was no labelling at all and I wonder if my friend picked the soap and bomb and the ingredients where there at point if sale.

    Any info appreciated :-)

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      I would have said if you rewrap then yes you have to label and make sure your insurance covers you for third party sales of soaps. Not worth losing your home over. Plus is the wholesaler trustworthy is it a soap maker in the UK or do they buy imported. Jane is the one to help but she is not available atm, may be worth waiting for her to come back to you or Jude from Bath-Bombs could also help.


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        The soap would be handmade in the UK. There are a couple of companies I like the look of. One for soap one for bombs. Both seem reputable . You mentioned insurance. What insurance do I need? I thought I needed public liability insurance that was incase I had a stall somewhere and someone fell over at it. Do I need other insurance incase soneone was to say take a reaction and try and claim or does the manufacturing company hold this insurance on your behalf?


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          You need public and product liability insurance most are combined


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            When I looked into selling soap and face cream I went online and pulled up a page with the EU regulations on it. It's pretty clear. There are regs for toys, regs for cosmetics etc. You can go through it going tick tick tick, oooo I hadn't thought of that. From memory I seem to remember wrapped soap has to have all its info on the label but cut soap can be displayed in a basket if you have a big label with all the ingredients and warnings on it attached to the basket. I think that is what Lush is doing.


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              Ok so if I was to pre cut it say at home I'd have label wrap and label it? (No sign allowed) But if I went to a fair or Home party and cut it from the loaf I would just use a sign?


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                I found what I saw. Regulation EU No 1223/2009. It was updated in 2013 but I can't see that this bit was altered but if you can find the updated version you know you'll be safe.
                It's in Article 19
                The law says/said:
                3. In the case of soap, bath balls and other small productswhere it is impossible for practical reasons for the informationreferred to in point (g) of paragraph 1 to appear on a label, tag,tape or card or in an enclosed leaflet, this information shall appearon a notice in immediate proximity to the container in which thecosmetic product is exposed for sale.

                I interpret that as you are fine to cut up the soap at home, put it in a basket with a sign saying what's in it and take that to the party.

                Really you need to read everything. This is where I got this from

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                  If you are selling 'loose' unwrapped products a card next to the items is acceptable...the minute you sell something pre wrapped you will need a label attached or sold 'with' if it is too small..


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                    may be value awaiting her to return again to you or Jude from Bath-Bombs could also help.
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                      Insurance? I always thought- just make soap and that's all