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    Hi there, my first post but long time lurker.
    I am planning to make cosmetics to sell and I am currently looking at the legal side. I will be having my products tested when I am fully happy with them. My question is how do I work out the shelf live of the product or will the cosmatic safety assessment guide on this? I have tried researching this myself but an receiving conflicting information
    Many thanks

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    Hi, welcome to the forum, love a lurker, was one myself for about four years haha, now they can't get rid of me! No idea about your question, someone will probably sail by and help out soon.



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      Simple answer is...You should use the shortest date on any ingredients used...however, add preservatives will change this and you will get more detailed answers from product testing.


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        Thank you both. My searching and common sense says same as purple lemon. However does heating or melting ingredients change the shelf life? if adding presertivetes how do I know how much they extend the product by. Is the only option to let the product sit until it shows signs of going off as some may be fine for years.


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          I would irr on the side of caution with this- research what happens to each ingredient when it's heated and any chemical changes that might occur. Preservatives should tell you how long they extend the product by- what cosmetics are you going to be making? If its powder then it's not quite as serious as mascara etc


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            You need to use a preservative anyway especially if you are adding any aqueous ingredients to your product. The manufacturer of the preservative should provide recommended usage and guidelines on how to add the preservative to your product. Then you should do a preservative efficacy test (PET). It's a requirement to sell products in the EU.