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Suppliers for a Newbie and Overthinking Sustainability

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  • Suppliers for a Newbie and Overthinking Sustainability

    Hi there everyone!

    I've been interested in making bath salts, soaps, and the like for ages, but now I've finally got the time to actually do it, huzzah! However, I'm a complete newbie, and googling 'soap making supplies' is just a *tad* overwhelming, so I wanted to know what suppliers you guys recommend for someone who is definitely not buying bulk (yet ).

    I also wanted to know if there are any super eco-concious suppliers or sellers out there, or if there are any ingredients that should be avoided (things like palm oil). I'm one of those who overthinks absolutely everything when it comes to sustainability, and in my head it would be a bit silly to go about making my own soap if I'm not doing it a little bit more nicely than big companies who need to churn out the stuff faster than lightning! I'd also love to grab recycled containers/ect if I can, and if there's anywhere nice you recommend for grabbing botanicals.

    I don't half demand a lot do I!? Sorry...but cheers!
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    Can't help but wanted to say to the forum.
    Lucy Blossom
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      I can't help with your queries either, but wanted to say welcome.

      We do have a very clever and knowledgeable soap maker who is active on the forum and I'm sure she'll be along some time in the next few days.



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        Welcome to the forum. Making soaps is hard work and a lot of hoops to jump through with testing, logging ingredients etc. Am sure a soapie will be along to point you in the right direction, good luck


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          Hi, welcome to the forum.



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