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  • Selling soap

    Hi I'm new on here & I've just got a few questions about selling soap that I make.

    So I haven't started making soap yet as I will be making it just to sell but after doing a bit of research it seems really expensive! So I guess my main question would be if it actually makes a profit?

    ive decided to start out with M&P bases and just add EO, colour & botanicals. I'm obviously going to practise & make blends I like before I start selling it but as my ultimate goal is to sell it there's not really much point in me starting if i can't get to the point of selling it and making a profit. The actual supplies to make it aren't that expensive but the safety assessments needed do!

    As well as being quite pricey i also find the safety assessment packages a little confusing. The pack I found is for 1 M&P base, with 6 variations. So I get that means I can have 6 recipes using the opaque M&P base for example but what if I wanted two different bases in one soap in layers? Like a layer of transparent base between 2 layers of opaque (or putting embeds into a loaf?). Could I do that as long as the EO etc added are only added to the base with the safety assessment? If not how would I get a safety assessment for that as I can only find assessment for 1 base at a time.

    I may just be completely misunderstanding! So any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum and to the whacky world of soap.

    I cannot comment on M&P as I make CP, but why not ask your assessor the question?

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      Which company's assessment are you looking at, it sounds very restrictive. I would suggest you look at the Cosmetic Safety Assessment site. Because they supply the assessment direct they are more reasonable. Their M&P one is pretty generous and the staff are very helpful.